Parent Information

What does a St Moritz day look like?

  • In 2019, our generous sponsors Deane Transport, Rhythm Snowsports Cooma and Thredbo Resort will be supplying a bus service for our athletes which will depart and return to Cooma each morning of the program with stops at Jindabyne and Novotel Crackenback as required. Stay tuned for departure times. Athlete travel is fully subsidised by our sponsors. Parents can ride the StMoritz ski bus for a small fee.

  • 8:15am -8:30am - Families meet at the clock tower at Friday Flat. Children should be dressed ready to ski, have sunscreen applied and have visited the rest rooms. Bring your backpack containing your lunch and our mountain man will take them all up to the clubhouse once the children have departed. The athletes lunches will be waiting for them in the clubhouse when they stop for lunch

  • 11:30am - 12:30pm - The younglings group break for lunch in the club room. Free skiing can occur during lunch time in the Merritts area only, weather and time permitting. Children should be dressed ready to ski, have sunscreen applied and have visited the rest rooms by departure time of 12:30pm.

  • 12pm to 1pm - The intermediate and advanced groups break for lunch in the club room. Free skiing can occur during lunch time in the Merritts area only, weather and time permitting. Children should be dressed ready to ski, have sunscreen applied and have visited the rest rooms by departure time of 1pm.

  • If you've left the lunch bag in the lodge, your child can purchase lunch at Merritts Mountain House.

  • 3:00pm - End of day pickup at the clock tower at Friday Flat. Backpacks and bags left in the club room after lunch are transported to Friday Flat.

What to bring

The St Moritz clubhouse is located at the top of Merritts Chairlift, behind the ski patrol office. This is where bags and gear can be left throughout the day.  Items that should be packed for a day training include:

  • A helmet - these are compulsory for all children participating in the programs. No helmet, no ski.

  • The club parka - for 2019 we have secured Karbon as our official uniform supplier. The uniform jackets are supplied to athletes enrolled in our standard and intensive programs and must be worn during all program days. Your athlete is welcome to wear it all other free-skiing days too. These jackets are owned by the club and a $50 bond is payable before commencing the program. Each child is required to take responsibility for maintaining the condition of their jacket during the season. Damaged jackets will be charged to parents. Replacement cost is approx $280. Jackets will be distributed at our registration BBQ before commencement of the season.

  • Good goggles, neck warmer, ski socks, thermals, good quality gloves, sunscreen, 2nd set of gloves in inclement weather.

  • Thredbo season pass or day lift pass - these can be purchased from Thredbo Offices at either Jindabyne or Thredbo, or online at It is advised if you are purchasing a season pass, you get one that includes access to the Thredbo leisure centre. If conditions are deemed unsafe by our head coach, the trainees will be taken to the Leisure centre for dry-land training. Single entry to the Leisure centre can be paid for on the day.

  • Water and a packed lunch in a SMALL bag.

St Moritz Ski Bus

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Thredbo Resort, Rhythm Snowports Cooma and Deane Transport, our ski bus is back! This exclusive service is open to all current members each day of our program and is free for our 2019 athletes.
Morning Run:
6:30am – Cooma - Centennial Park Stop
6:50am -  Berridale - Coach Stop, Jindabyne Road (near Berridale Lions Park)
7:15am – Jindabyne - Coach Stop at Snowy Region Visitors Centre (National Parks)
8:00am – Arrival in Thredbo
Arvo Run: 
3:15pm – Depart Thredbo promptly after ski day concludes
3:45pm – Arrive Jindabyne
4:25pm – Arrive Berridale
5:15pm – Arrive Cooma

A our mountain man and/or another committee member will be present on the bus at all times to ensure our athletes safety.

Important information

  • To enrol in our 2019 program, each family must first become St Moritz Ski Club members.
    Please register here

  • All athletes will be supplied with a club ski jacket which they are required to wear during participation in the program. A $50 bond is required before commencement of our program and will be refunded to you at the completion of the program upon return of your jacket in good condition.

  • A 2019 season pass or daily lift pass is required to enrol in the program. Purchase your season pass or day pass here.

  • The St Moritz club house has been generously provided to the club by Thredbo Resort. It is located at the top of Merritts lift, right behind the ski patrol office. The door is located directly opposite the Merritts Mountain Restaurant.

  • St Moritz has a Mountain Man on the hill at all times during the program. Our mountain man is one of our committee members and is responsible for the club's equipment and transporting the athlete's lunch bags to the club house from Friday Flat in the morning and back again in the afternoon. The mountain man is your main contact should you have an emergency and if you are running late in the morning.

  • It is imperative that all athletes arrive on time and are ready to ski off from Friday Flat at 8:30 SHARP. Particularly on busy days, getting the jump on the lift line can add loads of instruction time on snow. Instructors cannot wait for you. If you think you’ll be running late, contact the mountain man for your squad general location on the hill. It is your responsibility to deliver your athlete to their squad in a timely manner.

  • Children enrolled in our program are entitled to a 15% discount on full priced ski and snowboard gear from our friends and long-term sponsors Rhythm snowsports at Cooma. Just show your StMoritz club jacket and introduce yourself to the friendly staff in store.

  • Children are required to be able to ski at a minimum level before being accepted into the club due to our club house being located at Merritts. Whilst the is no set minimum age limit, children need to be independent, able to get their own gear on if they’re riding the ski bus and can ride a t-bar.

  • Risk of non attendance is borne by the parents. That means that you pay for the whole program and if your child cannot attend through injury, illness or because you judge the snow or weather unsuitable, refunds are not made. This is because the club secures and pays for our selected instructors for the duration of the program and the costs stay the same for the club whether there are athletes away or not. Full Program payment must be made before the skiing takes place.

  • Athletes have an opportunity to free ski in the Cruiser area during their lunch break. The conditions are that they must ski with either a classmate and/or a parent. If any parents don't wish for their children to free-ski during breaks, please notify the club in writing. FYI - in 2018 our athletes had so much coaching on snow that lunch time was mostly spent re-hydrating and recharging, ready for the afternoon session.

  • Parents are welcome to join the children for lunch in the club room and utilise the Club's kettle, microwave and toasting machine. Keep in mind that the clubhouse is quite cosy and is primarily a place for our athletes and coaches to eat their lunch and re-gather before heading out for the afternoon class. There may not always be a spare seat for Mum & Dad during peak times. If you use the clubhouse, it is your responsibility to help tidy it after lunch.

  • Parents and guardians are requested to ensure their children are fully aware of the timetable and of their need to at all times accept the directions of their coaches and the club Mountain Man, and not to leave their groups without getting approval from the instructor.

  • Skiing is a hazardous activity and parents of participating children understand the risk associated with their participation and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Club and all officials of the Club in respect of any claim made against the Club arising out of any incident concerning my child/ren during skiing.

    General Behaviour

  • The club reserves the right to prohibit any child from partaking in skiing if in the view of the Club the child has not behaved in a responsible manner, has refused an instruction from the Mountain Man or the instructors or any person acting on their behalf, and/or is not a financial member.

  • Disrespectful behaviour towards fellow squad members, coaches and committee members from either athletes or parents will not be tolerated. Our head coach, after consultation with squad coaches, has the final decision on placement and grading of athletes. If you feel your athlete has been incorrectly graded or has any issues whatsoever, please approach one of our committee members for a chat - we’re here to help!

  • In the interest of general safety the club has a no snowball throwing policy while in club uniform. Outside the clubhouse, all athletes must stand their ski and poles in the racks or against the wall and not leave them flat on the ground where they may be in the way of resort guests in the Merritts seating area.