2018 Presentation Night

Our 2018 Presentation night took place this year at the Cooma Car club. It was a great night, full of socialising and swapping ski stories. We also revealed our new updated logo and branding! The kids had a great time and the results went like this:

Under 8 girls:
- 3rd place: Alice Fergusson
- 2nd place: Storm Rowe
- 1st place: Heidi Betar

Under 10 girls
- Sienna Sky

Under 10 Boys
- 3rd Place: Ari Geach
- 2nd Place: Archie Fergusson
- 1st Place: Cian Thornton

Under 12 Girls
- 3rd place: Marli Dixon
- 2nd Place: Juliet Betar
- 1st place: Emerson Crandall

Under 12 Boys
- 2nd place: Lachlan Sky
- 1st place: Dash Rowe

Under 14 Girls
- 1st place: Mackenzie Deane

Under 14 Boys
- 2nd place: Jamie Glover
- 1st place: Oliver Betar

Under 16 Boys
- 2nd place: Max Van Der Plaat
- 1st place: Lewis Teasey

Under 18 Boys
- Peter Brunig

Alice Jones Award
-Mackenzie Deane

- Lewis Teasey

Instructor Awards:
Damian - Marli Dixon
Matteo - Juliet Betar
Nadia - Emerson Crandall & Oliver Betar

Fastest Dad - Bruce Geach

Fastest Mum - Sam Halpern

Wooden Spoon - Kirsty Betar

Club Person of the year: Elizabeth Van Der Plaat

Thanks again to our resident shooter, JettyBlue Photography Also a huge thank you to our major sponsors for 2018: Thredbo, Rhythm Snowports and Deane Transport Services

Here’s our raceday movie for those who didn’t catch all the action:

Sam Halpern