April 2017 Newsletter

Greetings & Welcome to our 2017 Program.

A lot has happened behind the scenes since last year and the committee is working hard in preparation for the 2017 season. Below is just a brief update on this year’s preparation to date and introduction to the new committee.                                          

More information in relation to this year’s program will be released in due course.

Our new committee was sworn in at the AGM and is as follows:


President:                               Alyson Deane                    0419 271276

Vice President:                       Nick Kirshner                     0416 287 829

Secretary:                               Michael Di Ramio               0421 611 404

Treasurer:                               Jono Forrest                       0429 689 615

Media Officer:                         Christie Glasson                  0401 677 079

Media Officer:                          Jude Little                          0416 292 934

Mountain MAN:                        David Van Der Plaat           0401 877 552

Equipment Manager:                Jack Glasson                      0401 677 079

Adult Group Co-ordinator:        TBA                                    N/A


We presently have vacancies on the committee that need filling, therefore if you want to be more involved in our great club please do not hesitate in contacting the President Alyson Deane.

The incoming committee would like to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing committee for their hard work and dedication to the club:

·      Sabrina Forest

·      Julia Bridgewater

Our New Website has been launched being user friendly, more interactive and informative. We now have online membership application and we will have this year’s program application on line very shortly. We do however require more images of St Moritzer’s for our gallery, so please contact Christie or Jude if you have images that you would like to share online.

Race Gates and Timing Equipment from Mt Selwyn Ski Resort has been generously donated to the club through Christie and Jack Glasson. This will allow more access to gate training and enable better preparation for those athletes whom compete in SSA, Club and Interschool events.

2017 Membership is Now Open! We are pleased to advise that membership is now open for the 2017 season! The application form is now located on the website and is very user friendly. Just visit our online registration page.                                       

2017 Program, Standard and Race Option. Our 2017 Programs are currently under review and we will release this in the coming weeks with notification via email and through our website and facebook page. Registration will be available online through the website. Stay Tuned!

Registration Day, Sunday May 7th: Save the date!  Sunday May 7th has been nominated as this year’s registration day, confirmation of time and venue will be released shortly via email and through our website and facebook page.

St Moritz Ski Club