Program options and fees

Standard Program

14 days training including 10 Sundays starting weekly in late June and 4 additional days in the NSW School Holidays (generally the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week).

Training days start at 9:30am from the St Moritz Club Room at Merritts and complete at 3pm at Friday Flat. There is an hour for lunch from 12pm to 1pm at the club room.

Cost of Standard Program $1,323 per child

Intensive Development Program

Standard Program of 14 days training, additional 10 extra Saturdays, and an additional 4 days during the first week of the NSW School Holidays.  Total of 28 days training in total for the season.

Training days start at 8am and finish at 12pm.

Cost of Intensive Development Program - $2,688 per child


Other fees

All program fees above include a $50 jacket hire fee for each child for the season.

Before a child can join a program, the family must become members of the club which costs $65 per family.