General Information

The Club caters for a maximum of 60 children and aims to ski 14 days each season, generally starting every Sunday from late June for 10 weeks and 4 additional days during the NSW school holidays.  Extension programs were offered in 2016 to children wishing to pick up additional tuition.  Options included an addition 4 days during the NSW School Holidays or a 10 week Saturday program.

The Club has an active parent body and there is an emphasis on recreational and social engagement along with race preparation and participation.  Other than training and race participation, children and parents will have the opportunity to join in:

  • Pre-season BBQ

  • Parent group instruction / adult skiing groups

  • Club race

  • Presentation night

  • The famous Dead Horse Gap run and BBQ

  • Other social functions as determined by the committee

What to bring

The Club has a room at the top of Merritts Chairlift where bags and gear can be left throughout the day.  Items that should be packed for a day training include:

  • A helmet - these are compulsory for all children participating in the programs

  • The club parka - this must be worn by all children so that these children can easily be identified. These jackets are owned by the club. Each child is required to take responsibility for maintaining the condition of their jacket during the season. Damaged jackets will be charged to parents. Replacement cost is aprox $180.

  • Good goggles, neck warmer, ski socks, thermals, good quality gloves, sunscreen.

  • Thredbo seasons pass - these can be purchased from Thredbo Offices at either Jindabyne or Thredbo, or online at

  • Water and a packed lunch.

How the day runs

  • 9am to 9:15am - Children (and parents) make their way to the Club Room at the top of Merritts Chairlift.  Free skiing can occur in the Merritts area prior to the start of training.

  • 9:30am - Children, parents and Instructors meet at Merritts Club Room.  Children should be dressed ready to ski, have sunscreen applied and have visited the rest rooms.

  • 9:30am to 12pm - Morning training sessions in progress.

  • 12pm to 1pm - Instructors and athletes reconvene at the club room for lunch.  Parents are welcome to join the children in the club room and utilise the Club's microwave and toasting machine.  Free skiing can occur during lunch time in the Merritts area only.

  • 1pm - Afternoon training session commences. Children should be dressed ready to ski, have sunscreen applied and have visited the rest rooms.

  • 3pm - End of day pickup at the clock tower at Friday Flat.  Backpacks and bags left in the club room after lunch are transported to Friday Flat.

Important information

  • Children are required to be able to ski at a minimum level before being accepted into the club due to our club house and base being at Merritts.  Whilst the is no set minimum age limit, children need to have be independent and toilet trained.  

  • Risk of non attendance is borne by the parents. That means that you pay for the whole program and if your child cannot attend through injury, illness or because you judge the snow or weather unsuitable, refunds are not made. This is because the costs stay the same for the club if a child is away and the price is set to recover costs.  Payment must be made before the skiing takes place.

  • Children are allowed to ski, before lessons and at lunch in the Merritts area. The conditions are that they must not be alone and their parents must not have written a letter refusing permission to free ski during breaks.

  • Parents and guardians are requested to ensure their children are fully aware of the timetable and of their need to at all times accept the instructions of the Mountain Man and the instructors and not to leave their groups without getting approval from the instructor. 

  • The club reserves the right to prohibit any child from partaking in skiing if in the view of the Club the child has not behaved in a responsible manner, has refused an instruction from the Mountain Man or the instructors or any person acting on their behalf, and/or is not a financial member.

  • Skiing is a hazardous activity and parents of participating children understand the risk associated with their participation and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Club and all officials of the Club in respect of any claim made against the Club arising out of any incident concerning my child/ren during skiing.